Before It’s Too Late Jul15


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Before It’s Too Late

A letter sent from a resident in Downtown Cary.  It expresses well the sentiment heard from hardworking homeowners – all but ignored in the rush to urbanize Cary.

“Please take time to sign and pass on to many others an on-line petition at that asks the Town of Cary to be totally transparent regarding their major plans to transform downtown Cary into a high-density development area. Already they have rezoned this area for up to nine-story buildings!

Take a look at the drawing below which was recently posted by one of our Town Council members, Don Frantz.   (Note that Cary Elementary is in the lower-left corner.)

Does this look like the quaint Cary we now have? The new downtown park being planned now looks like the courtyard for the new hotel and the high-rise apartment/condo complexes being considered! If we don’t act now, these MAJOR changes will be made that have MAJOR implications for our town’s infrastructure, traffic, taxes, and fees!

I didn’t know anything at all about these plans until I recently attended the disturbing “Imagine Cary” event and one of its follow-up town meetings. After these meetings, I began to connect with other concerned citizens and to do a lot of research into what our Town Council is planning for the downtown area. I discovered that the Town of Cary continues to go through the motions of getting public input for plans that they have already spent millions of dollars in advancing. Very disingenuous!


We must make our voices heard now or it will be too late to intercept all these plans. Please sign this petition and pass this link to many others. If you are interested in getting and passing out flyers on this subject or going door-to-door with a print version of this petition (as I am now doing),  just let me know. You are also welcome to forward this letter to others.”



Susan Pond, Cary NC

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