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Dirty Tactics

The well-heeled Downtown Club sent their hounds after Carywatch this week in defense of two of its councilmen up for election. Carywatch has been highly critical of the transfer of public funds to private individuals and companies. These people live off of your money. Their friends on the Town Council keep it flowing. Time to vote them out!

Brent Miller, president of Friends of Page-Walker downtown, filed a complaint with the NC Board of Elections against Carywatch. For what? Well it seems Carywatch had the audacity to support positions of two new candidates challenging entrenched councilmen Jack Smith and Jennifer Robinson. Carywatch is simply a non-partisan meeting of taxpayers concerned with spending, debt and accountability. But they had the audacity to question the public honey pot in the heart of downtown Cary.

So the gang downtown had Mr. Miller and the the Board of Elections fire a warning shot.

DowntownCary posted here about wealthy downtown business owner Sheila Ogle’s successful efforts to stop our downtown park to the benefit her business interests. cruella Both Ogle and Miller addressed the Town Council at Mayton Inn hearing to make sure your money flowed their way. It’s a club. You pay for it, but you are not allowed in it.

As president of Friends of Page-Walker, an organization for “preservation” of Cary historic sites, Brent Miller is also on the Cary Planning and Zoning Board – an appointed position he holds through the favorable votes of his friends on the Town Council.

Carywatch opposes the high density zoning decisions spoiling life in Cary, and most recently has questioned  the Council using public money to build a private luxury inn. Mr. Miller has been a vocal supporter of the Mayton Inn. He used his influence in historical circles to arrange historic tax credit status for the dilapidated houses the Council gave to the Crossmans for their residence. All of this is YOUR MONEY folks.

Carywatch is exposing too much that proves so beneficial to his Page Walker hotel, and the venues Miller runs there, including the publically funded  Mayton Inn facilities.

What sets this year’s election apart is that Carywatch  is supporting the positions of challengers to incumbent council members who voted in favor of Mr. Miller’s P&Z Board appointment as well as a large number of the downtown, construction, historic and art projects, and other funding that the downtown club depends upon.

We applaud the good folks at Carywatch for the selfless work they do. It is wholly unrewarding but essential, as the Cary Town Council no longer represents the taxpayers – only special interest. We encourage our readers to join them in the fight for integrity and accountability in Town government.

Perhaps we all should be taking a harder look at Mr. Brent Miller, Friends of Page-Walker and all of the funding and favors that the downtown elite drains from our pockets.


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