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Imagine Cary

The Town of Cary is building a new Comprehensive Plan. Imagine Cary is an ambitious effort modeled after hundreds of similar “Imagine” projects across the country which redefine public policy and fundamentally change the role of local government, to affect every aspect of their citizens’ lives.

Imagine Cary is a “visioning” process which uses well established group consensus techniques to lead all discussions toward a predetermined “Sustainable Development” or “Smart Growth” master plan. The answer is known. The missing piece to get there  is for citizens to unwittingly surrender our rights to city government. Individually such polices, laws and regulations would never pass a Council vote. Together as a massive plan update, they are too massive and entwined be reversed.

Sustainable Development is built on the false premise that our lifestyles, homes, business and transportation, all contribute to: global warming, social and economic inequity, health problems, water shortages, land misuse, and environmental damage.

Sustainable Development plans “correct” these problems with centrally controlled, limited development, high density housing, walkability, and mass transit. Visioning processes like Imagine Cary establish the primary role of local government as environmental stewardship and social equity/diversity, and providing the economic controls needed to achieve these goals, including increased taxes, public private partnerships, tax incentives, regulatory penalties, and government subsidies.

EPA Sustainable Develoment for Local GovernmentsUS EPA “Planning for a Sustainable Future:
A Guide for Local Governments”

 It will sound like a flowery utopia, but vastly  expanding the role  of local government to “Environmental Stewardship” and “Diversity” and “Social Equity” as the foundational premise, leaves no aspect of our lives outside the power of  local government to regulate. We surrender nearly all of our rights in these plans.

“Sustainable Development”  establishes an ideology of environmentalism, to which private property rights and representative government must take a second seat to socialized management.  With an enviable perch as one of America’s premiere communities, will we build on Cary’s formula of success, or imagine a fundamental transformation to regulatory control?

The answer has been determined. The one million dollar “Imagine Cary” public relations process is designed to create the appearance that the citizens have bought in to it.  Without your  involvement our representative government process will be bypassed by few dozen hand picked participants. Cary will be unable to protect and preserve its community model, continue its successful growth planning, or avoid the massive regulatory, spending, and tax policies that are now bankrupting many of America’s once great cities.

If you do not stand and fight for you rights, who will?

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