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Meet The Salesman

It’s not often you pay a cool $1 million just for the sales job. So, you may want to get to know the salesman and his wares, because the Imagine Cary  campaign is designed to get your rubberstamp on what the Town already has planned:  using public money and public land to get into the real estate development business. Considering the original $1 million cost of the Town’s Downtown Theater has already doubled to $6 million, this is going to get real expensive, real fast.

Meet the salesman Chris Leinberger, keynote speaker for Cary’s Summit for the Future.  He’s got a vision for walkable sustainable communities – he calls it “Progressive Development“.  If you want to see how Downtown Albuquerque, his model community, turned out  click here for a glimpse of Cary’s future.

The Town of Cary has invited a keynote speaker to our Summit meeting who has a deeply vested conflict of interest in the outcome.

  • Chris’ company Acadia Land Development, is in the business of building, brokering and financing projects like Imagine Cary
  • Chris is President of LOCUS, a national network of real estate developers and investors that lobbies and advocates for federal, state and metropolitan funding and legislation that favor their sustainable development businesses.
  • Through LOCUS, Chris collaborates with the nation’s largest special interest transportation coalition, Transportation for America, whose goal is to take gas tax money away from road construction and improvements, and pressures federal officials to pour the funds into rail projects.

So it appears our “expert” is a fellow New Urbanist who has built his entire professional career and business interest around Progressive planning and financing ideologies that he, his colleagues, and his patrons stand to benefit from in Imagine Cary.

The people of Cary deserve better than such blatant cronyism.

You may want to read more from Chris Leinberger.

“It was predominantly the collapse of the car-dependent suburban fringe that caused the mortgage collapse.”

The Death of the Fringe Suburb

NY Times

“The subprime crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. Fundamental changes in American life may turn today’s McMansions into tomorrow’s tenements.”

The Next Slum

The Atlantic

We caused the mortgage meltdown?  How can anyone take this man seriously?  It failed because of DC lobbyists like Leinberger who promote government interference in the private sector.  Since the 90s, the government has been forcing expanded home ownership to the poor and ethnic minorities.  In full disregard of a century of prudent lending principles that governed the U.S. mortgage market,  Fannie and Freddie had  “affordable housing” regulations, shoved down their throats by HUD. Our government created a market for millions of bad mortgages.


And with the true candor and disdain of a DC elitist, the smart and rich people live in places like  DuPont Circle. The dumb and poor people live in the suburbs……

 “Residents of places with poor walkability are generally less affluent and have lower educational attainment than places with good walkability.”

Brookings paper

“Many Americans, meanwhile, became disillusioned with the sprawl and stupor that sometimes characterize suburban life.”

The Atlantic

Oh, and suburbs make our kids fat……

“2/3rds of us do NOT drive; they are too poor, too old, too handicapped or too young. That means that the other 2/3rds have to chauffer the 1/3rd around, which includes schlepping the kids to all of their car-dependent destinations, making them fat


What Leinberger says we should do with our roads……

“Public streets are a huge public asset, representing 30-40% of all metropolitan land. But they do NOT pay property taxes, take significant maintenance. This public asset must be used for rail transit, parking, bike lanes and maybe even narrowed and sold to the private sector where it can be put to property tax paying uses.”


Leinberger develops “sustainable” communities. Arcadia is a company  “brought together by a single purpose – to create walkable neighborhoods”.  Exactly the kind of walkable, transit-oriented, mixed use, high density neighborhood that the Town Council recently decided to let developers build on the $11 million dollars of land bought for a downtown park. Exactly the kind of LEED sustainable neighborhood that  the EPA sent Global Green in to set up in Cary.

At Arcadia Land RealtyLeinberger’s land brokerage business,  he “facilitates” transactions with private property owners, builders, municipalities, and public entities.

Leinberger is also President of LOCUS.  LOCUS works to demonstrate the market demand for and the social and environmental benefits of sustainable, walkable, urban development across the country. LOCUS works with Transportation for America tolobby for taxes, funding and legislation that drives the mass transit need to feed Leinberger’s walkable communities.

What Chris Leinberger sells is “walkable urbanism”.  It is his business.

  • Do you think he is going to tells us everything that made Cary great?
  • That our formula is the right formula?
  • That Cary disproves everything he has built his arguments on?
  • That our city government has no business using public land and funds to go into business with private developers?
  • That we will be forced through creeping taxes and assessments to fund the development of high density, mixed use and mass transit that will permanently alter our quality of life?
  • That these public private partnerships  are just a local manifestation sort of crony capitalism that brought us Solyndra and Fiskar – under the guise of environmental stewardship, social justice and diversity? That our wealth, will  transferred to them?

Nope. He is here to tell us we’ve got trouble in River City. We need to do something. And he’s got just the something….walkable neighborhoods – exactly the kinds of Sustainable Development neighborhoods that our  Town Planning department and Town Council have already decided to spend our tax money to build.

They’ve just brought Lineberger in to give us the old song and dance.

As an Imagine Cary Steering Committee member so aptly put it: “we will decide who wins and who loses”.

Guess what taxpayers and property owners of Cary?  We lose!


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