Fundamental Transformation of Cary: Urbanization Jul10


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Fundamental Transformation of Cary: Urbanization


As taxes rise and basic services are cut, millions of your money flows to build a boutique hotel, movie theater and a coffee shop.  We all are excited to see improvements Downtown but so far all we see is a very expensive start to high density urbanization, with huge cost overruns, – no end or plan in sight. Can we afford it? Is it the nature and character that drew us all to Cary in the first place?

The Town Council approved a $307 million budget Thursday including the first tax increase in Cary since 1989. The budget also raises residential garbage, recycling and yard waste fees.
WRAL June 28th

Cary to raise bus fares – eliminate free routes for seniors   News&Observer July 14th

“This budget’s going to show the effects of the recession we’ve been in….delayed road maintenance, unmowed medians and cuts to capital spending.”   Councilman Adcock May, 4th

Taxes are going up. Services and road maintenance will be cut. Yet, the town gives over $5 milion of your money to a Durham couple to build a $300/night boutique hotel?

Our Town government told us we had to borrow $6.5 million dollars to move a fire station as they spend over $6 million restoring a tiny Downtown movie theater that we will operate at a loss.  All this as the Galaxy Theater  went out of business just down the road, and Crossroads-20 managed to build a brand new IMAX theater for a mere $1 million.

Whether you are a downtown business owner, resident or taxpayer you should know where these urbanization plans end up. One of the experts our Town has brought in, applied an almost identical urbanization model to downtown Albuquerque. The results were devastating. especially for downtown businesses and taxpayers. You are being led down a garden path Cary.

It is your money.  Sign the petition.

Ask for a sound plan.

Demand Accountability.


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Anyone remember the $80 million the Town borrowed in your name last year? How about that Downtown Park we have been promised?  Well it is hard to see if much has changed Downtown but if the current pattern of spending by our Town officials continues, debt and taxes skyrocket.

Say goodbye to the Cary you love and hello to urbanization.

As the independent film business dried up for the Galaxy  less than mile down the road, the Town of Cary decided to spend millions of your money getting into the independent film business. The $1 million estimate became $3 million, which has doubled to $6 million and is rising.   Our government bureaucracy cannot restore a 200 seat silver screen for less than $6 million, while Crossroads-20 builds an IMAX theater from scratch for only $1 million.

There is a reason government should leave the free market alone.

With an average room rate of $85/night, the Triangle hotel market stagnates in 2012.  Meanwhile, the Town of Cary decides to spend over  $5 million dollars of your money to build a $300/night luxury “boutique” hotel and lounge. Cary taxpayers pay for a hotel most of us cannot even afford to stay in. “Urban Elegance” they call it.  A couple from Durham receives a $5 million land, financing and incentive plan – where are longtime downtown business an d property owners left?

Then there is the $800,000 downtown coffee shop you purchased. The shop operator wisely figured out it was a bad business plan and bailed – we are stuck with that white elephant.

We could go on, but you get the idea!

It is your money.  Sign the petition.

Ask for a sound plan.

Demand Accountability.


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