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There may be the outside chance of a coincidence, but right after we let our readers know about the Downtown Sustainable Development public workshop, the Town made a quick weekend edit to their web page and banned the public from commenting or speaking.

It seems the Town wants our voice in shaping the town’s future, so long as it is the future they have in mind.


Always Intended as a Public Workshop

Orginally, the Town announced last December, a “no charge” EPA sustainable development study to be run by Global Green. As with all “visioning” processes it hinges on public workshops to document citizen consensus for the predetermined answer.

“consult with community stakeholders in meetings and public workshops”


Workshop Announcement. Friday. Before Our Notice

We’d not heard anything about this until late last Friday (April 12, a few days before the assessment), when we found out that the  Global Green public workshop was actually announced on the Town’s website

1) The Town had a Public Engagement Workshop scheduled:


2) They wanted residents to participate:

3) They planned the  Public Meeting for the Arts Center.

(Note: the wording of this on Friday  is important. If you care to check, here is the entire cached page we saw Friday the 12th)

So, we posted the Global Green Event here for our readers. Then Sunday, we got an email that our Meeting Notice on was wrong – that the workshop was closed to public participation.

Over the weekend after our notice of the event,  the Town edited the web page to ban public comment.


Workshop Announcement. Sunday. After Our Notice.

1) The “Public Engagement Workshop” became a “Downtown Business Improvement District Property Owners’ Engagement Workshop”

2) The “resident” participation was replaced by “BID Property Owner” participation.


 3) The “Public Meeting” is now an “Engagement Meeting”

 This hastily added text below, takes the cake.  Town employees make very clear what they think about us, the federal taxpayers who paid for Global Green, and us the  local taxpayers who pay for them.

“The public is invited to attend to observe the meeting and understand the process, but only invitees will be able to comment and participate in the meeting.”

The Town changed the public notice over the weekend. They have graciously allowed we mere public,  to observe but not comment or participate in the public workshop we pay for!


*UPDATE: This second version public notice is now cached here. The third and current announcement, has the changes re-inviting public comment.


*UPDATE: This morning we see that the Cary Town Council and Staff opened this meeting back up. They did listen to your concerns! They considered this and acted quickly. Please send a note of thanks!
Town Council <> has long been pointing out that the Town’s million dollar Imagine Cary program to develop citizen input, does anything but.

Whether the Steering Committee, Citizen Outreach, or the Summit Meeting, all meeting participants are carefully selected. All inputs and outputs tightly controlled.

Any actual citizen voice or question that does not align with the predetermined outcome, is marginalized or silenced.

You decide.


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