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Time to Change Direction

 File as a Candidate in Cary Town Council Elections  – Now is the Time

Cary’s current Council and Mayor have led us down a path to high density urbanization. While publicly talking about quality of life and preserving the character of our town, they have funded mass transit,  approved high density zoning, all while ignoring our stormwater system and roads. They answer only to developer, realtor and corporate special interests,  giving citizens lip service.

We will pay a huge the price for a rapid decline in quality of life.

That must become the central campaign issue in 2017:

  • Empty mass transit buses clog the streets, ruin our roadways and pollute our air
  • Flooding that gets exponentially worse each year.
  • High density housing – with no regard for the impact to infrastructure, flooding, crime, traffic or quality of life
  • Doubling of property tax value and a soon to come Wake rate increase, to compound it.
  • Highest debt levels in town history

urbanization 2

Its bad already but will soon get far worse. The Town’s growth policy is to nearly double the population in the same space we now share! Read here:

Cary’s (Poorly) Planned Population Explosion

Cary’s population density is set jump to a staggering 4,340 people per square mile, higher than the density of Atlanta (3,154) and about twice the density of Charlotte (2,457).

Three seats are open:  District A, District C and one At-Large seat.  Filing BEGINS TODAY and deadline is Noon, Friday July 21st

Click Here to File as a Candidate.

Click here to find the Council District you are in.


The Council has sold us far down the urbanization path:  too many commitments and too much money. Can they reverse the spiral? Below are the open seats. Good people, but all of them voted for mass transit, urbanization and high density development……it is time for a real debate, the truth, the courage to say NO:

If you cannot run – click the candidates’ link – email them and ask them why you should vote and pay for more of this.

Jack Smith: 28 Years on Town Council (District-C Seat)
Jack Smith 2








Jennifer Robinson: 18 Years on Town Council (District-A Seat)

Jennifer Robinson 2

Ed Yerha: 5 Years on Town Council (Mayor Pro-tem, At-Large Council Seat)

Ed Yerha

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