We Deserve Better! Mar14


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We Deserve Better!

Imagine Cary!  Imagine your tax dollars being used to pay for Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and beyond, to determine your future.

The Imagine Cary website includes a registration for Summit on the Future, which declares.

“Anyone who lives, works or cares about the future of Cary is encouraged to attend.”

This $1 million planning and citizen outreach effort will define new policies like subsidized housing, environmental regulations, high density housing, mass public transit, tax increases, eminent domain, property restrictions  and larger government.  It will develop “public-private partnerships”. Encouraging those who are not even citizens of Cary to  participate, steals our role and our voice in our city government.

Our voices as Cary citizens and taxpayers have no more weight  than any other citizen, company, or special interest group in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or anywhere in the universe. With open registration to this summit,  the process is  easily manipulated and influenced by special interests. What good are  the results if compromised by non citizens and non-taxpayers.

To add insult to injury, this entire process, the questions posed, the answers collected, the results compiled and the software used, are all controlled by an outside private company from New York City that specializes in “Sustainable” Development and New Urbanism – planning ideologies counter to everything that has made Cary a premiere community.

Every seat at the Summit given to a non-citizen, is a seat denied you, a Cary citizen.

Every vote in a Summit poll by a non-citizen, suppresses the vote of a Cary citizen like you who got a seat.

Too much is at stake for us to be silent any longer . Our tax money, our voice in government, and our property rights are all at stake – and now out of our hands.

Contact the Cary Town Council. Tell them we deserve better – we deserve representation not a slick PR campaign. Ask them if after spending a million dollars of our money on this “community” outreach, will they be able to look us in the eye and  certify that it was a representative government process? That the results were free of influence from non-citizens, especially those whose interests and influence trump ours? How much was the outside facilitator able to influence the outcome? Exactly how many non-citizens had a say in the results, or in suppressing our voices?


When Cary’s Imagine parade is over will you have a Master Plan that represents you, or an Master Plan that is controlling you?

Register Here Now. Resister your family. Register your friends. Register “anyone who lives, works or cares about the future of Cary”

Heck, register a few times. Everyone else in the whole darn county has already been invited to!


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